Chris Ryan

    My name is Christopher Ryan, and I studied Mechanical Engineering with Business Administration and Mathematics Minors at the University of Iowa. Outside of classes I am an active member in the University of Iowa SAE team and the Iowa men's Ultimate club team, called IHUC.

    Please take a look at what I'm working on in the Photo and Video Streams above.  Click on any of the media to read more.  You can also view my tweets for up-to-date info on my current projects.  
Baja SAE team:
    I am currently spearheading the installation of live data acquisition in our latest car. This will involve mounting a compact RIO computer system from National Instruments into the vehicle to connect to various sensors.  Real-time data gathered will be used to monitor important statistics (like engine temperature, engine RPM, axle RPM, and shock absorber deflection) while navigating a track and driving over obstacles. Monitoring and interpreting these statistics will be important to current and future design modifications as the team continually improves our vehicle designs.

Check out the Hawkeye Motorsports Baja SAE team website here!

You can send me a message with the contact button below.  

Thanks for taking a look!

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